Algebra 1 Comments – HW #51

Apr 19, 15 Algebra 1 Comments – HW #51


Please look over the Algebra 1 Area. Click on some links, look at some homework solutions and tutorials, and then make a comment on this post to offer suggestions, say what you like about the site, what you would like to improve, or anything that would help me to assist you in learning some Algebra 1.


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    • Heya! Comments need to have substance for credit. Let me know what you find useful about the site. What is missing that you would like me to post, what seems confusing, or ask some clarifying questions. Thanks!


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    Tutorials and Homework are clear and helpful, all good so far.
    – Carlos ArĂ©valo P/4

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    I feel that they are helpful because sometimes in class it is hard to understand because sometimes it goes too fast. When I am at home I can use this to help me to understand and I can take my time with it. I can pause to think about it and I can replay it until I understand. It let’s me go over what I am having trouble with and learn it better.
    _Yasmin Rodas P|1

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    I like how you have the calendar telling us when things are going to be due. If I’m ever absent the day we get a stamp sheet I can go on it to see what the homework is. Nothing’s confusing and I don’t have any ideas of what to add.

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    I think the website is helpful if I ever miss anything its all there. Maybe you could add some videos on solving are homework assigned each nigh so if we ever need help. Everything is good though

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    I really like the fact that you can look at a video tutorial as many times as you need to understand the subject completely. I also like that you can check you homework answers and see what subjects you might need help in. The website is easy to understand and the layout was good. I’m glad we have you to teach us for the next couple of weeks.
    Sadie period/6

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    Hey Mrs Moritz!

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