Online Learning Tools

Nov 21, 13 Online Learning Tools

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Tis the age for online learning. EVERYONE IS DOING IT! As am I, both as a teacher and a student.   Of course, not every online teacher out there has access to the top-notch online correspondence softwares that major universities use, such as Blackboard or Adobe Connect, but there are plenty of other, FREE options. I use the...

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Nov 16, 13 MAT@USC

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  I am proud to announce that I have been accepted into USC’s Masters of Teaching online program! Classes start first week of January 2014. I should have my degree and teaching certificate in Science by March 2015.   Speaking of online learning: it is the sole method I currently use to teach since I have had to relocate twice...

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AP English Essay Writing Tips: Part 1 – The Introduction

Nov 30, 10 AP English Essay Writing Tips: Part 1 – The Introduction

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For those of you that need to prepare for writing an AP English Essay, I understand your pain. I went through it, too.

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Average National ACT Scores Down

Aug 19, 10 Average National ACT Scores Down

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This year, students slipped on their ACT scores.

Here’s a snippet of the article by Eric Gorski of Associated Press:

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2011 AP Exam Updates!

Aug 15, 10 2011 AP Exam Updates!

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There are some new and very important changes to the AP exam for the 2010-2011 school year. The most important change will affect the strategy that test takers need to adopt: Multiple Choice Section Changes: The College Board, best known for the SAT, also administers the AP exams. In past years, the AP exam multiple choice sections...

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Interactive Education Website

Aug 15, 10 Interactive Education Website

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Welcome to Academia Education!

This is the first blog post on my website. I am very excited about this new extension to my tutoring services. Academia Education is now a live, interactive tutoring website! Here’s what will be coming soon:

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