Geometry Comments – HW #51

Apr 19, 15 Geometry Comments – HW #51


Please look over the Geometry Area. Click on some links, look at some homework solutions and tutorials, and then make a comment on this post to offer suggestions, say what you like about the site, what you would like to improve, or anything that would help me to assist you in learning some Geometry.


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    Nice website, I like the lay out. The tutorials are very helpful! I’m curious to see more tutorials and help

    • I am planning on adding more over the weekend. Lots to do to catch up!Keep me posted on your needs. If you need a solution to a specific problem right away, I will post it before I post others. 🙂

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        I like how it has the work sheets and it shows you how to do the problems you don’t know how to do.

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    Hi it’s Sarah Takasaki! I really like the way you’ve been teaching class, it’s really affective!
    see you tom

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    The calendar is really helpful if I forget my math binder at home. This website is very helpful.

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    I like the site

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    Hi it’s Katey Quinn! I like the website and think it will help a lot. I like the way you’ve taught the class so far and I seem to be doing better. Thank you!

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    I like this website, very helpful.

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    Hi! I really like the way you teach class, I feel its more effective because you go through each step will us. Its Olivia Wallace by the way. See you tomorrow!

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    Hi it’s Lauren. I really like the way the website is set up and ur teaching in class is really helping . Maybe if the website was a little more clear on directions around it that would be great.

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    Its Will Batres, I enjoy being in your class and I have learned a lot sense you came here. I hope our class gets work done and is ready for our next test.

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    Hi it’s Brooklyn! I really like your website and the way you’ve been teaching our class is very helpful!

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    This is a super useful cite, very glad we have a long term sub that knows what she’s doing

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    I think you’re doing a really good job at teaching the lesson at school. You just have to get my class to quiet down faster. Also, I think posting the tutorials to the lessons are very helpful.

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    Hi it’s Sophia Mahachek I’m sorry this is so late, but I love your site and appreciate you accepting this late!

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    The calendar and tutorials are very helpful! -Mazzy Ongaro

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    The website has everything needed, homework calendar, how to videos, stamp sheets and even worksheet downloads.

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    I really like the website and have used it throughout the year. it has everything that we would need in case we forgot something. very helpful

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    i like that you explain everything in depth in class and the website is great even though I’m just seeing it now. -Athina Davlos

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