Interactive Education Website

Aug 15, 10 Interactive Education Website

Welcome to Academia Education!

This is the first blog post on my website. I am very excited about this new extension to my tutoring services. Academia Education is now a live, interactive tutoring website! Here’s what will be coming soon:


The forum is up and running. Please register for my site to log into the forum and post questions at any time. I will answer within 24 hours. Feel free to post rants and raves, or contribute any news that you think I should know!


The daily blog is for Educational purposes. I have tons of articles to write about education, current events, and updates in the field of education. I plan to post instructional essays for reference as well. Check back often for new techniques and lessons in avoiding the most common pitfalls in education!


Eventually, I will have an interactive education resource available on my website. This area will teach common lessons that the majority of my students have trouble with. I plan on having a primer for what to expect in various subjects at various grade levels. Your input is well appreciated!


This website is meant to enhance my current tutoring services. I invite all my clients to read about what’s new in education and to interact with me here. If you have any questions pertaining to your children, if you want advice about curriculum, or want to offer some input, please comment! This site is an immediate way to get in touch with Academia Education and to keep abreast of current educational news.

Thank you!

-Lori Moritz